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23/10/2015 Conference: Altagamma Monitor 2015

The annual Conference Altagamma Monitor will be held in Milan on October Tuesday 29th, at UniCredit Pavilion in Milan.

Five studies on the luxury segment will be presented: Fashion & Luxury Insight 2015 Food & Beverage Insight 2015 (SDA Bocconi), Il Consumo Tax-Free nell’Unione Europea 2015 (Global Blue), Altagamma Consensus 2016 (Fondazione Altagamma), Worldwide Markets Monitor 2015 (Bain&Company). 

A round table will discuss the key results: Armando Branchini (Fondazione Altgamma), Claudia D'Arpizio (Bain&Company), Matteo Lunelli (Cantine Ferrari), Claudio Luti (Kartell) Vittorio Ogliengo (UniCredit), Laudomia Pucci (Emilio Pucci), Giovanni Tamburi (Tamburi Investment Partners), Francesco Trapani (Clessidra Sgr), Giovanna Vitelli (Azimut Benetti Group). 

Attendees may register at mondo.altagamma@altagamma.it



Nautica Italiana has been established today to group together top Italian nautical companies.

Priorities on Nautica Italiana’s agenda include laying the groundwork for an international strategic development project.

While independent, the association is affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, which serves as a valuable ally in creating synergy with high-end segments of other industries.

 Founded by leading Italian nautical manufacturers, representing an impressive set of 25 brands, the association NAUTICA ITALIANA aims to bring together top firms from the entire sector — Industry, Services and Territories — to draw up a strategy for the development of the nautical industry, thus fostering system-wide growth both in Italy and internationally.

 Nautica Italiana’s positioning and particular focus on international markets are traits that it shares with Fondazione Altagamma, which since 1992 has been a common forum for top Italian cultural and creative firms recognized as true ambassadors of Italian style to the world.

Nautica Italiana has thus chosen to become affiliated with Altagamma due to its international

vocation and transversal reach. Altagamma's members, which come from the fashion, design, food, hotel, jewelry, and automotive industries, pursue all possible synergies with one another in various fields: market studies and research, institutional relations, corporate culture, promotion and co-marketing initiatives.

Watch the video “Nautica Italiana” here


23/07/2015 Fashion, Design, Food and Art: SDA Bocconi and Altagamma have signed a new agreement to promote the Symbolic Economy


Fondazione Altagamma and SDA Bocconi together for Italian culture, creativity, art, taste and style. These are all strategic ingredients of the Italian symbolic economy, a section that represents 4% of the national GDP and, directly and indirectly employs approximately 500,000 people. The new five-year agreement between the two institutions projects the consolidated collaboration between the two institutions towards new and challenging objectives: through a new organic training and research program, the aim is to valorize Italy’s cultural and aesthetic heritage, increase the industry’s competitiveness and accelerate the growth of creative and cultural businesses.
The collaboration between Altagamma and SDA Bocconi began in 2001 with the establishment of MAFED, the international Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management. The program has the objective of creating professional roles from various educational backgrounds able to combine general management knowhow and skills with management of the intangible elements that make up the specificities and added value of Altagamma companies. In 2009, the scope of the collaboration expanded towards new sectors with the Master of Management in Food & Beverage (MFB).
The new agreement today aims to create a strategic platform that valorizes and brings together three educational proposals focusing on the symbolic economy: in addition to MAFED and MFB, the agreement also includes MAMA (Master in Arts Management and Administration), highlighting the desire for a holistic approach to Italian Creative Excellence represented by Fashion, Design, Food and Art.
Fondazione Altagamma has the task of involving member companies in the support of the three international SDA Bocconi Master programs focused on the symbolic economy by providing scholarships, being available to launch on-the-job projects and identifying recruiting opportunities, including at an international level.
The agreement also calls for research and higher education which aim to be a point of reference for producing knowledge in the high-end creative and symbolic industries, as well as for disseminating this knowledge at an international level. Exclusive events on innovative content are also planned to share research results and experiences of Altagamma companies, as well as educational initiatives on specific topics targeted at managers of various levels.
The collaboration valorizes the Knowledge Centers on Luxury, Fashion and Food at SDA Bocconi by enhancing its educational offer and it contributes to Altagamma’s mission: promoting and disseminating expressions of Italian culture, art and style around the world.


To mark 10 years of partnership in  UNICEF’s work, Gucci released a short film, Growing Tall, by Christina Voros, narrated by children, teachers and parents in a rural community in Mozambique and Malawi: the film highlights progress made in education and illustrates the power of education to transform lives.

Since 2005, Gucci’s support for education initiatives has helped UNICEF and its partners to train more than 8,700 teachers and educators, so that children receive a quality education and gain the skills and knowledge they need for their future, construct nearly 300 school classrooms, supply 14,600 school desks, construct more than 1,800 water and sanitation facilities in schools, work alongside governments to advocate for improvements in the school curriculum.

“Gucci is proud to celebrate a decade of partnership with UNICEF with US$20 million donated, benefiting more than 7.5 million children ” said Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri. “  We are especially grateful to all our clients and employees, who have played a fundamental role in the success of the partnership and helped to make it the most extensive philanthropic initiative in our company’s history. 

Growing Tall can be viewed here 

29/05/2015 Altagamma Partner of 2015 Financial Times Business of Luxury Conference

Altagamma is delighted to be supporting the upcoming FT Business of Luxury Summit, taking place in Monte Carlo on 7-9 June.  The FT Summit is widely regarded as the premium thought leadership gathering for senior luxury executives and financiers from around the world.  Among the topics this year will be a focus on how luxury companies are harnessing technology to reach new consumers.
Over 30 expert speakers including:
Johann Rupert, Compagnie Financière Richemont SA; John Elkann, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; Federico Marchetti, YOOX Group; Mario Testino, Photographer; Jonathan Akeroyd, Alexander McQueen; Mary Katrantzou, Designer; Sir David Tang, KBE, Shanghai Tang; Frédéric de Narp, Bally; José Neves, Farfetch; Paula Cademartori, Designer; Gaia Repossi, Repossi; Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Gianni Versace SpA 
For further information, please visit www.ftbusinessofluxury.com.

21/05/2015 Growth Forecasted for Luxury Goods in 2015, according to Altagamma Monitor Update Conference

Presented today in Milan three studies on Luxury Market, by Altagamma, Bain & company and Global Blue, which highlighted good perspective for high-end consumption in 2015.

All press releases following.

Reports reserved to Altagamma Members.



On the occasion of Expo, Italian Beauty will be the subject of Panorama, a one-of-a-kind artistic installation that, through film narrative, features the peninsula’s most captivating destinations, artistic treasures and unparalleled manufacturers. Located in Piazza Gae Aulenti, the heart of Milan’s new, progressive district, Panorama will be open to the public for complimentary admission from May 20 through October 31, 2015.

Panorama is the result of an unprecedented collaboration among key bodies representing Italy’s cultural and creative industries – Fondazione Altagamma, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Salone del Mobile Milano – and an alliance of prestigious public entities including the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Italian Trade Agency, SIMEST, the City of Milan, and the Milan Chamber of Commerce. The joint initiative signals the partners’ will and facility to act as a team during this significant time for the country.

Characterized by an octagonal structure in charcoal-colored wood with a 25-meter diameter, Panorama is an immersive space spanning 350 square meters with circular, five-meter high walls upon which the 15-minute short film will invite passersby to enjoy a unique multisensory experience. 

Through imagery, Panorama narrates Italian beauty, know-how and innovation – key characteristics of a country that boasts a wealth of incomparable landscapes and cityscapes, an extraordinary cultural heritage, and a culture of successful, creative entrepreneurship. Food, fashion, and design are the foundation of the Italian economy,  providing work for 500,000 employees, exporting on average 50% of products and representing the best ambassador of the Italian lifestyle worldwide with more that 6,000 freestanding stores worldwide.

Filmed in High Definition with Immersive Media technology, the short is the outcome of an exclusive grand tour along the entire peninsula using drone techniques – for a new point of view on Italy. The film features a soundtrack that will take the viewer on a captivatingly realistic and beautiful trip across Italy.  

25/03/2015 The High-End Design Market analysed by Altagamma

The Market size, the growth by geographies and categories, the role of Italian and International players, the challenges for the future: the first Altagamma event dedicated to High End Design Furniture sector was held in Milan on Aprile 1.

Bain & Company presented its first Study on the sector that will be discussed by Stefano Core (Driade), Claudia D’Aprizio (Bain&Company), Claudio De Albertis (Fondazione La Triennale di Milano), Piero Gandini (Flos), Roberto Gavazzi (Boffi), Piero Gandini (Flos), Roberto Gavazzi (Boffi), Piero Lissoni, Claudio Luti (Kartell).

Panel discussion was coordinated by Armando Branchini (Fondazione Altagamma).

Full report is available to Altagamma members.

18/02/2015 Gucci Main Sponsor for the Exhibit PRINCE OF DREAMS

“Prince of Dreams: The Medici’s Joseph Tapestries by Pontormo and Bronzino” is the name of the exhibit that reunit, after 150 years, 20 exquisite Renaissance tapestries commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici.

Realized by artists Jacopo Pontormo and Agnolo Bronzino, the tapestries vividly recount the life of Joseph. Stretching an impressive 80 meters, the tapestries will travel to three Italian cities – Rome, Milan and Florence – making the exhibition one of Italy’s most significant art and cultural events of the year of Expo 2015.

Gucci first got involved in the project in June 2014, refurbishing ten of the tapestries using proceeds from the Gucci Museo. Since Gucci Museo’s opening in September 2011, 50 percent of the proceeds from ticket sales are donated to a fund dedicated to restoring Florence’s most important works.

22/01/2015 The high-end Global Consumer and the retail strategies in the spotlight of Fondazione Altagamma

At the “Altagamma Consumer and Retail Insight” conference in Milan on January 22nd, the Altagamma Foundation presented the second edition of the True Luxury Global Consumer Insight carried out with Boston Consulting Group, together with the third edition of the Altagamma Retail Evolutioncarried out with EXANE BNP Paribas. 

 With over 40,000 people interviewed in over 20 countries (and a focus on 10,000 Top Luxury consumers with average spending levels of €20,000 a year), the True Luxury Global Consumer Insight is the broadest and most detailed study on luxury consumers.

Every year the Altagamma Retail Evolution, carried out together with EXANE BNP Paribas, studies the evolution and prospects of the retail strategies of luxury companies, considering a total of 12,500 sales outlets.  

An expert panel session, coordinated by Armando Branchini (Vice Chairman, Altagamma Foundation), involved the participation of Alberto Alessi (Alessi), Elisa Astori (Driade), Simone Dominici (Coin and Excelsior), Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja (Ornellaia), Matteo Lunelli (Cantine Ferrari), Michele Norsa (Salvatore Ferragamo), and Marco Perelli Rocco (Intesa Sanpaolo).  

09/12/2014 European Luxury Sector Paves The Way For Europe’s Economic Recovery

The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) is pleased to report that Europe’s luxury industries continue to deliver strong performance and create skilled jobs in Europe, despite the weak economic conditions. According to a new study launched today at the European Parliament:
• The value of goods and services produced by the sectors grew by nearly 28% between 2010 and 2013.
• The sector has created close to 200,000 jobs over the same time period.
• If EU luxury sectors, taken collectively, represented a country, they would be the seventh largest economy in the EU and the 20th largest economy in the world.

ECCIA presented a first report in 2012 that recognised the unique model of the European luxury sector, which is part of the cultural and creative industries, and its contribution to the European economy and society. The findings were subsequently validated by the EU lawmakers, who endorsed these industries as a model to follow to relaunch Europe’s competitiveness.
Whilst impressive, the updated figures understate the full economic contribution of the sector.
Indeed, the report captures the value of significant spillovers to the tourism and travel industries, and to upstream suppliers with the development of skills-based clusters and manufacturing capability.

The research underlines the clear benefits of the EU continuing to ensure that a policy framework – focusing on the highest level of protection of intellectual property and on ensuring consumers’ trust online – is in place that enables the model to flourish.

27/11/2014 A Project for Beauty by Brunello Cucinelli

With architect and landscape architect Massimo de Vico Fallani in attendance, the “Fondazione Brunello e Federica Cucinelli” presented its new plan for the creation of a series of parks in the valley beneath the village of Solomeo. This new endeavor, focusing on beauty, is the natural completion of the dream that began precisely in Solomeo, which was turned into the company headquarters of Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. with the restoration of the village buildings, including the ancient “Castrum”, and the addition of new constructions such as the Cucinelli Theatre.

The project entails the creation of three parks situated beneath the ancient village, one next to the other:

– Industrial Park

The garden of Solomeo will stretch down into the valley, where it will take the place of the six industrial plants which currently occupy approximately 35,000 square meters (376,737 square feet), becoming a park filled with the colors, fragrances, and sounds typical of nature’s millenary beauty.

– Lay Oratory Park

Alongside the Industrial Park will be the Lay Oratory Park, with a small barrier-free stadium nestled in six hectares (15 acres) of thickets and meadows, devoted to the sports activities of young boys and girls.

– Agricultural Park

Next to the Lay Oratory Park there will be approximately seventy hectares (173 acres)of land to be used for vegetable gardens, vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and trees. The land will be cultivated with a respect for nature, and its produce will be used for local consumption and in the company dining halls.

15/10/2014 Altagamma Monitor 2014. Numbers and trends of luxury markets

Global Luxury Market worths € 223 billion, growing 5%.  Chinese consumers are the top and fastest growing nationality. Zero growth for shopping tourism in EU. Growth forecast also for 2015.

On October 15th five studies on luxury markets were presented in Milan, by Fondazione Altagamma, Bain&Co., SDA Bocconi, Global Blue.

All the studies available for Altagamma Members.

03/09/2014 illycaffè and Robert Wilson at Triennale Milan

The Red Night

On the occasion of the launch of the Watermill Center illy Art Collection, the new espresso cup collection curated by Bob Wilson, illycaffè invited friends and special guests to an exclusive event to be held at Milan’s Triennale: Red Night, an evening of live performances by twenty young artists from twelve different countries.

Red Night was an evening of total immersion in the world of performance art and in the multidisciplinarity of shared creation which is at the base of the institution founded by Wilson in 1992, the same year illy launched the illy Art Collection.

“illy has been promoting contemporary art and young artists since its beginnings – said Andrea Illy, Chairman and CEO of illycaffè – we are proud of the collaboration with the master Robert Wilson and the Watermill Center of New York which has materialised into an exceptional collection of espresso cups and into the Red Night performance. The choice of the location purposely represents the continued collaboration with the Triennale, where we are creating a path made of coffee, art and sustainability that will lead us to the EXPO 2015 - of which illy is the Official Coffee Partner  and will also be the curator of the Coffee Cluster, the exhibition’s coffee stand”.

08/07/2014 Luxury consumption in Russia: upturn in 2017

A historically key market for luxury goods is going through a period of uncertainty which translates into a slowdown in consumption at both local level and in European cities favoured by Russian consumers. Entrepreneurs and experts spoke about the situation today in an Altagamma Conference in Milan.
The general economic and political scenario was illustrated from various angles by Armando Branchini, Deputy Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation, Paolo Magri, Executive Vice President and Director of ISPI, Regina Von Flemming, CEO of Axel Springer Russia and Publisher of Forbes and Forbes online Russia, and Alexander Bogomolov, Editor-in-Chief of www.forbes.ru.

The situation and forecast as regards consumption is not very positive: this is due on one hand to the political repercussions of the Crimean crisis and, on the other, to the structural fragility of the Russian economy which, aside from the energy sector, displays a level of productivity in all other sectors that is more in keeping with the economies of the emerging markets than those of developed countries. More specifically:
_ inflation in 2014 is expected to be high (6.5%)
_ the GDP is not expected to grow in 2014 (for 2015/2016 the Russian Central Bank forecasts growth of +1.7%).
_ the balance of payments confirms the downturn of the last three years, from $97 billion in 2011 to $33.7 billion in 2013.
_ Due to the situation in Crimea, in recent weeks the rouble has considerably weakened.
_ Given this economic and political uncertainty, the biggest capital outflow of recent years is expected in 2014

As for the consumption of personal luxury goods
_ the Russian market is the tenth biggest in the world and fifth biggest in Europe, worth € 5.8 billion in 2013 (with growth of 5% vs. 2012), but is expected to contract by between -4% and -6% in 2014. Extending the analysis to the other categories of luxury products and services, the market was worth € 7.5 billion in 2013 with a contraction of between around -4% and -6% also forecast here during 2014.
_ Moscow is the biggest city in terms of consumption, accounting for 59% of the total, and St. Petersburg is second with 16%.
_ The new restrictions of the Russian Government on online purchases from abroad (the duty-free allowance will be lowered from €1000 to €150) should stimulate short-term domestic consumption.
_ Russia has by far the highest retail segment rent prices per square metre in Europe
_ The automotive market is contracting but not the luxury car market, which is showing the opposite trend
_ In the first five months of 2014 the consumption of Russian citizens in the European Union fell substantially compared with the same period in 2013. According to Global Blue the figure came to -12.8% in Italy and in France, -15.8% in Germany and -20.1% in the UK. A particularly heavy contraction especially for Italy whose biggest customers in terms of other nationalities are Russian citizens.
During the forum that closed the conference, six Altagamma entrepreneurs spoke about their recent experiences on the Russian market: Stefano Core (Driade), Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja, (Ornellaia), Fabio Gnocchi (Brunello Cucinelli), Matteo Lunelli (Cantine Ferrari), Andrea Perrone (Ferrari Brand) and Alessandro Varisco (Moschino).

26/06/2014 Fidenza Village launches ‘Best Of Italy’ Food And Wine Pop-Up Boutique, in partnership with Altagamma

Fidenza Village and Altagamma celebrate Italian excellence with a journey through the country’s rich culture, cuisine and style. Showcasing the very best that ‘Made in Italy’ has to offer, the boutique has been curated by Michelin-starred chef Massimo Spigaroli.

The décor of the space in the Village is reminiscent of the ancient stronghold of Antica Corte Pallavicina, incorporating accents of wood with contemporary furniture and accessories selected by Zanotta Design and Alessi.

The pop-up is not just a restaurant, but a creative kitchen that fuses tradition with innovation, much like the work of Chef Spigaroli, who expertly combines the specialties of the Bassa Parmense region with the Italian excellence of companies associated with Fondazione Altagamma.


17/06/2014 Monumental Pucci in Florence

On the occasion of Firenze/Hometown of Fashion, Pitti Immagine Uomo and Emilio Pucci will launch an exclusive art installation entitled “Monumental Pucci” in conjunction with the City of Florence and with the extraordinary contribution of the Ministry for Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency.

“Monumental Pucci” involves “styling” the famed Florence Baptistery with the “Battistero” scarf print from the Pucci archives. Designed by the Marquise Emilio Pucci in 1957, the print portrays an aerial view of Piazza San Giovanni in vibrant Mediterranean colors.

The apse side of the Baptistery will be clad in the original “Battistero” print, reproduced in its entirety, while the remaining seven sides of the octagonal building will be covered in almost 2,000 sq mt of printed canvas depicting a close-up of the “Battistero” design blown up to faithfully follow the building’s contours in true-to-life size.

The “Battistero” print symbolizes the Pucci Maison’s strong ties to the city of Florence, the home town of the Marquise and headquarters of the brand.

12/06/2014 Candida Höfer at Bisazza Foundation

The Bisazza Foundation for Design and Contemporary Architecture honors German photographer Candida Höfer, with an exhibition entitled "Candida Höfer. Images of Architecture", a journey through a selection of large-format photographs of classic and contemporary architecture, personally chosen by the artist, on display until July 27th, 2014.

Long the preferred subject matter of Candida Höfer's photography are the interiors of public spaces - museums, libraries, public archives, theaters, offices, banks, historic buildings – all photographed with straightforward composition and long exposure times, devoid of any human figures, and illuminated solely by ambient light. Her photographs are known for their unique sharpness and clarity and do not employ any form of digital enhancement.

Presented from this perspective, free of human occupants, her images of these temples of knowledge and learning offer the viewer the opportunity to establish an exclusive relationship with the space being portrayed, while immersed in solitary contemplation, where every detail (which might otherwise be invisible) can be captured by the eye.

These intimately subjective images are true “architectural portraits”, expressions of the unique and strikingly effective style for which Candida Höfer, who is also along with Bisazza Foundation curator of this show, has long been appreciated.

See more here


19/05/2014 Moderate growth of luxury consumption in 2013 and 2014

The studies presented in Milan during the Altagamma Observatory – May 2014 Update on May 19th confirm the positive trend in global consumption in the segment in 2013, even if the figures were well short of the double-digit growth that characterised the market between 2009 and 2012. And the trend observed in 2013 is set to continue in 2014.

According to the Altagamma Consensus, based on the forecasts of 16 international analysts in the sector, a constant growth rate of around 6% is forecast for 2014, similar to that of last year. “In particular”, comments Armando Branchini, Vice Chairman of Altagamma and author of the Consensus “we expect a growth rate of +9% in Japan, +8% in the Middle East, +7% in Asia, +6% in the Americas and +4% in Europe, while for the Rest of the World we forecast growth of +7%. Accessories, Jewellery and Watches are expected to be the best performing categories (+6%), followed by Clothing (+5%). Finally, the Altagamma Consensus predicts that the average EBITDA of businesses in 2014 could grow by 7 percentage points compared with 2013”.

According to the Altagamma Monitor on Global Markets, carried out together with Bain & Company and presented by Claudia D’Arpizio, the market is becoming increasingly mature and stable with a constant trend in real terms: the growth rate was +6.5% at constant exchange rates in 2013 (+2% at current exchange rates) and +5% at constant rates in 2012 (+10% at current exchange rates). Claudia D’Arpizio comments: “We are entering a new phase for the sector, one I would define as a new normal: the absence of explosive phenomena in the short term, as China has been in recent years, and at the same time the greater capacity to react to the crisis in the mature markets is resulting in a more stable and healthy growth trend, of between 4% and 6% at constant exchange rates in the next few years".

As for the geographical markets, the US is once again the engine for growth while Europe is bolstered above all by tourist consumption, even if the consumption of the Russians has fallen on the domestic market and in the main European capital cities.

Japan has demonstrated consistent real growth but with a negative exchange rate effect showing no signs of easing up. Continental China is lacking in dynamism, Hong Kong and Macau are doing fine, South Korea is still not very dynamic, while South East Asia, and Indonesia in particular, is enjoying strong growth.

Chinese consumers are increasingly important on both the domestic and overseas market (from Japan and Korea to Australia, South East Asia, the US and Canada) while the Japanese are finally spending again on the local market.

As for product categories, Accessories is the most dynamic category with an increasingly stronger polarisation between Absolute Luxury and Accessible Luxury.

In terms of channels, retail is increasingly the main driver of growth, also thanks to the buy-back tendency and the conversion of formats such as department stores, franchises and travel retail, which are therefore restored to the direct management of the brands.

In summary, we are witnessing a market that is shaped increasingly less by geography and guided increasingly more by consumer flows and segments of consumers influenced by tourism, by the behaviour of various nationalities, and by fluctuations in exchange rates which alter consumption patterns.

13/05/2014 Ferragamo renovates the Uffizi Gallery

The Salvatore Ferragamo Group has pledged to donate 600,000 Euros to renovate eight rooms of the Uffizi Gallery. The support will enable the Florence Museum to reopen the rooms within a year and display about 50 works dating back to 15th century, mainly by masters including Filippo Lippi, Luca Signorelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Pietro Perugino and Piero di Cosimo.

The Ferragamo family was proactive in seeking an opportunity to give back to the city: the funds will help upgrade the air treatment and security systems with advanced technologies.

The “liberal disbursement” has been agreed on May 12nd at the former San Pietro Scheraggio church, by the attendance of Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, and other members of the family (Fulvia, Giovanna, Leonardo and James), Diego di San Giuliano, Antonio Natali, the Uffizi Gallery curator/director and Cristina Acidini, the superintendent of the historic and architectural patrimony and of the organization that manages Florentine museums.

Over the years, the Ferragamo family has helped restore other relevant sites in Florence, including the door of the Santa Trinità church, near the company’s Palazzo Spini Feroni in Via de’ Tornabuoni, or the Cloumns of Justice sculpture in Piazza Santa Trinità. Ferragamo was also a partner of the Polo Museale Fiorentino’s educational division in its 2013 Fairy Tale Museum program for families.

08/05/2014 The New Yorker wins “The Italian Art of Living” Ferrari Press Award

The historic and distinguished American weekly magazine, The New Yorker, won the first edition of the Ferrari Award, “The Italian Art of Living”, thanks to an exhausting article by Jane Kramer dedicated to the chef Massimo Bottura, entitled “Post-Modena”.

This initiative, which received the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, comes from Ferrari Winery’s deep belief in the Made in Italy value and aims to promote the intangible elements linked to the Italian life-styles, such as the sense for beauty and excellence and the blending of creativity, refinement, craftsmanship and tradition. The award goes to a newspaper or magazine, published outside of Italy, which has called attention to one or more topics related to the Italian Art of Living in an original fashion, highlighting all that is unique about the way Italians live, think, plan and produce.

The award ceremony was held on May 7th, at the Triennale Design Museum, Milan, in conjunction with the seventh edition of the Ferrari “The Title and The Cover of the Year” awards, which are solely for the Italian national press. “The Title of the Year” was awarded this year to Il Manifesto and “The Cover of the Year” was won by Sportweek, the Gazzetta dello Sport weekly Magazine.

The prize consists of 1000 bottles of Ferrari Brut for each of the award, “Title, Cover and Article of the Year – The Italian Art of Living”.

07/05/2014 The New Altagamma Ambassadors: Massimo Bottura, Ludovico Einaudi, Alessandro Mendini and Davide Oldani

The two chefs Massimo Bottura and Davide Oldani, the piano player and composer Ludovico Einaudi and the designer Alessandro Mendini have been named ambassadors of the Italian creativity and excellence: the four of them represent an outstanding example of the Italian genius in different fields – gastronomy, music and design/architecture – and now have become members of the Altagamma Honorary Council.
The official ceremony - presided over by the Chairman Andrea Illy and the Deputy Chairpersons Claudio Luti (Kartell), Ludomia Pucci (Emilio Pucci), Matteo Lunelli (Cantine Ferrari) and Armando Branchini – took place on May 6th in Florence, at the Salvatore Ferragamo Palace, during the Third Altagamma Day.
From 2002, the Altagamma Honorary Council gathers both national and international companies and institutions, which aim to promote the Italian excellence and the Italian life-style all over the world. The Altagamma Honorary Council has been recently extended to the Italian representatives: on the account of this, the chef Gualtiero Marchesi and the art critic and philosopher Gillo Dorfles were the first personalities to be part of the Council last October.
The new Altagamma Honorary members have been officially recognized for the following reasons:
Massimo Bottura: nourished by the experience of worldwide chefs, such as Georges Coigny, Alain Ducasse and Ferran Andrià, Mr. Bottura juxtaposes tradition and innovation in his recipes, merging them with contemporary art, design and music. His restaurant, L’Osteria Francescana, set in the frame of Modena’s medieval city center, retained its third star Michelin in 2012 and climbed The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list to third place in 2013. In reason, he represents the quintessential of the Italian creativity and versatility.
Ludovico Einaudi: after have started as a classical composer, Mr. Einaudi soon began incorporating other styles and genres, including pop, rock jazz and folk music. During his career, in fact, he collaborated and met the most important and international artists. He composed the scores for a number of films and trailers, winning several recognitions and holds sold-out concerts in every part of the planet.
Alessandro Mendini: born in Milan in 1931, Mr. Mendini narrate the cultural changes of the last 50 years, mixing stylistic irony and planning accuracy. In his prismatic career, who worked as magazine director, architect, designer, professor and image consultant, collaborating with international partners, such as Alessi, Cartier, Swatch, Hermes. His work is featured in many museums and private collections and his projects have been designed from Germany to Japan, from the USA to Korea.
Davide Oldani: being the pupil of some of the most distinguished chefs in the world, Mr. Oldani has given to his international experience a new interpretation, once he came back to Italy for opening the restaurant “D’O”. His idea is to create a balance from contrasts, getting the best results in terms of haut-cuisine, by using a simple and spontaneous method. His restaurant won several prizes and recognitions, among whom the eminent “Ambrogino d’Oro” in 2008.

27/03/2014 Bulgari donates €1.5m to renovate Spanish Steps

Trinità Dei Monti

Bulgari has answered the government's plea for help to fund renovation of Rome's famous Spanish Steps. Bulgari  will put €1.5m towards the two-year refurbishment, which will begin in 2015. 

The Spanish Steps refurbishment will be "the special gift from Bulgari to its city" to mark the jeweller's 130th anniversary, the company's chief executive Jean-Christophe Babin told a press conference in Rome.

28/01/2014 Fondazione Altagamma presented studies on global consumers and the evolution of high-end retail

Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo

Two studies shedding light on the future and the trends of the retail industry were presented during the Altagamma Consumer and Retail Insight conference held in Milan on January 28th.

 The True Luxury Global Consumer Insight, carried out for the first time in partnership with BCG and involving 40,000 respondents across over 20 countries, focuses on high-end consumers.

The Altagamma Retail Evolution, a study conducted together with EXANE BNP Paribas, analyzes the evolution of, and the outlook for, companies' retail strategies.   

The two studies were presented after a speech delivered by Altagamma's Chairman, Andrea Illy; next on the agenda was a panel comprised of Antonio Achille (Managing Director, BCG), Stefano Agostini (Chairman, SanPellegrino), Alberto Baldan (CEO, Rinascente), Elena Barolo (Blogger, Affashionate), Armando Branchini (Deputy Chairman, Altagamma Foundation), Andrea Buccellati (Chairman, Buccellati), Fabio Gnocchi (Chief Commercial Officer, Brunello Cucinelli), Dario Rinero (CEO, Poltrona Frau), Luca Solca (Managing Director Global Luxury Goods, Exane PNB Paribas).

28/10/2013 Luxury Grows, and the Italian Excellence bets on the relaunch of Milan

Severino Salvemini, Andrea Illy, Cristina Tajani, Piero Bassetti, Claudio Luti, Mario Boselli

The 2013 Altagamma Observatory, the annual meeting that provides a snapshot of the world luxury lifestyle industry, kicks off this year with the round table conference: "Milan and creative excellence". Where the revival of Milan equates to the revival of the entire country and its most distinctive and successful qualities.

“We wanted to combine our traditional moment of reflection on the luxury markets with a debate on one of the key issues of the Altagamma Foundation Strategic Programme", explained Andrea Illy, Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation, in his opening remarks. “The promotion of Italian excellence begins with an understanding of our value: in order to stand up to global competition, Italian high-end companies must seek to promote our creative, cultural and entrepreneurial heritage. Safeguarding these aspects - which France does very successfully - is only possible if we are willing to work together”.

Knowledge, pride and an ability to communicate are the keys to promoting Italy and its quality products. An ambitious challenge of substantial economic value for the country. This is the basis for a project to create a brand for Milan as the ambassador of Italy's creative heritage, inspired by Altagamma, Camera della Moda, Cosmit and the Milan City Council Department of Employment Policies, Economic Development, Universities and Research. A 4-way project and a concrete example of how working together is no longer just a pipedream but a tangible reality.

The panel discussing this issue, moderated by Severino Salvemini of Bocconi University, included:
Cristina Tajani, Councillor for Employment Policies, Economic Development, Universities and Research of Milan City Council, Andrea Illy, Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation, Mario Boselli, Chairman of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Claudio Luti, Chairman of COSMIT, and Piero Bassetti, Chairman of Globus et Locus.

The fall in competitiveness of Italy and Milan (which slipped to 19th place in this year's Anholt GfK-Roper City Brands Index) was debated together with the need to recover lost ground and to understand the strengths of our country and culture. Even more so given that the 2015 EXPO will be a prime international visibility opportunity.

During the event, for the first time the Italian ambassadors of beauty, art and culture - and therefore our creativity - were made honorary members of the Altagamma Foundation International Honorary Council. The first to become official members were: Gillo Dorfles, philosopher and art critic; Gualtiero Marchesi, the leading Italian chef of international renown. They were joined by two other illustrious personalities: Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods, and Oger Lusink, CEO of Dutch fashion retailer OGER.

 The conference continued with the customary presentation of the most comprehensive research on luxury segment trends and forecasts:

- Altagamma Worldwide Markets Monitor, an instrument to periodically analyse the consumption of high-end products in world markets, which has become a reference point for the companies in the segment. Founded on the basis of an analysis of the financial statements of 200 high-end brands of all nationalities and of approximately 500 companies that manage them, this study - drafted together with Bain&Co - is presented each year during the Altagamma Observatory, with an update in the first half of the following year.Altagamma World Wide Markets Monitor

- Fashion & Luxury Insight - Survey on international fashion and high-end listed companies, conducted by Altagamma and SDA Bocconi.

- Food & Beverage Insight - Survey on international food and beverage listed companies, conducted by Altagamma and SDA Bocconi.

- Consensus Altagamma, an anticipatory analysis on trends in the high-end market based on the opinions of the biggest international analysts, drafted by Altagamma Foundation.

- Tax Free Consumption in the European Union, in collaboration with Global Blue.


27/09/2013 Making Dreams Exhibition by Fendi: in Milan until October 6th

Making Dreams: Fendi and the Cinema, the exhibition will be held at the Cinema Manzoni from September 21st to October 6th and will be open to the public with free admission.

19/09/2013 LARTE comes to Milan: Italian dining and hospitality inspired by Altagamma


Monday 16 September saw the Special Opening of LARTE, the concept store dedicated to the Italian lifestyle, conceived by Altagamma and developed by a team of top-level partners from different sectors in accordance with the spirit of the Foundation.  

With Davide Rampello responsible for the creative direction and Ermanno Zanini of the Capri Palace Hotel installed as manager, LARTE is a cafeteria, chocolate shop, ‘hosteria’ – in the original sense of a place that ‘hosts’ visitors -, restaurant and shopping centre wrapped up in one: a place that speaks Italian and where every detail represents the epitome of the Italian lifestyle.

The Special Opening was attended by representatives of all of the businesses that participated in the project, as well as those of all other Altagamma businesses, as well as the local authorities (most notably Councillor Cristina Tajani) and various personalities from all kinds of sections of Milan society, underlining the far-reaching nature of the project.   

LARTE will be open to the public from 1 October.

27/06/2013 European Commission VP Antonio Tajani meets Altagamma entrepreneurs in Milan

Andrea Illy, Antonio Tajani, Armando Branchini

On June 27th, Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship, met 70 representatives of the Italian and European fashion and high-end  industry at the Principe di Savoia Hotel, in Milan.

Among the themes discussed, the reinforcement of competitiveness in the sector, the protection of Intellectual Property, a stable framework of rules favoring export and innovation, an effective and fair access to international markets, the support to creativity.

In his address speech to the entrepreneurs, Mr. Tajani illustrated the strategy promoted by the Commission since September 2012 to support a key industry for employment and export, an industry that contributes to strengthen the image of European quality, driving other sectors such as tourism.

In the following speeches, respective points of view were expressed by Andrea Illy (chairman of Fondazione Altagamma, Mario Boselli (Italian Fashion Chamber), Michele Tronconi (SMI), Alberto Paccanelli (Euratex) and Armando Branchini (ECCIA).

28/05/2013 Over 75% of European citizens recognise the importance of the high-end industry for the future of Europe’s culture and economy

A study on perceptions of the high-end cultural and creative industries was carried out by TNS Sofres in five EU countries; France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. It was commissioned by ECCIA, the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance, as a follow up to a 2009 study.
Results highlight the growing positive image of the high-end industry in two areas:
1. European culture:
European citizens increasingly perceive the high-end industry as an ambassador of European values such as quality, trust, craftsmanship, creativity and excellence. Over 75% of respondents said that the industry is important for preserving expertise and creative professions, attracting visitors and ensuring the prestige and appeal of city centres. These factors undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Europe’s global cultural influence.
2. The European economy:
The high-end sector is becoming more and more significant to the growth of the European economy in the eyes of citizens. Three quarters of respondents said the high-end industry is important for employment, growth and competitiveness; a marked increase from 2009.

21/05/2013 Rizzoli Bookstore in NYC hosted the launch of the ALTAGAMMA – CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN EXCELLENCE photographic project

On May 20th 2013, at Rizzoli Bookstore in New York City, the launch of the ALTAGAMMA – CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN EXCELLENCE photographic project took place.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, 65 brands under the Fondazione Altagamma umbrella are collaborating with 10 well-known photo-reporters to demonstrate  the essence and style of their various brands with the help of modern photographic art.

These photographers are: Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, Daniele Dainelli, Nicolò Degiorgis, Simona Ghizzoni, Martino Lombezzi, Alex Majoli, Paolo Pellegrin, Lorenzo Pesce, Marta Sarlo and Massimo Siragusa.  They are the outstanding representatives of Italian photojournalism and work in a variety of styles. Looking at the mosaic of images that represent products, factories, workers, landscapes and more,  we can see the hard work, skills, and passion that make it possible to create products of the finest quality, and to offer high quality services.

The result is a sort of tale of what Italian Excellence is made of: craftsmanship, heritage, sense of beauty, creativity, innovation.

The photographic project includes an exhibition that was first held in December 2012 at Milan’s famous Triennale Design Museum and is currently at the Shanghai Italian Center until June 30th.

16/05/2013 Altagamma Monitor - Update Spring 2013

Worlwide luxury goods consumption grows for the third consecutive year, pushed by Asia. Confirmed with a some slow down the growth forecast for 2013.

These are the main evidences emerged by the update of Altagamma Monitor and Altagamma Consensus, presented to the media in Milan. 

29/04/2013 Altagamma Exhibition opens in Shanghai

On 29 April 2013, the Shanghai Italian Center welcomed the opening of the ALTAGAMMA – CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN EXCELLENCE photography exhibition.
The Opening Ceremony was organized jointly with Triennale Milano, which presented the Exhibition The truth of materials” and was participated by the Italian Consul Vincenzo De Luca, The General Director of Triennale Museum Andrea Cancellato, the President of ExpoTrade Quan Shen, and the Chairman of Altagamma Andrea Illy, the Vice Presidents Armando Branchini and Matteo Lunelli.
Following the official Ceremony, the exclusive Altagamma event with more than 200 invitees and the press conference took place.
In this stage of the Exhibition, each of the 64 Altagamma companies made or chose the frame for its own photograph, adding a personal interpretation of the image  itself, resulting in a creative multiplicity of styles.

19/04/2013 New leadership and new programmes for the Fondazione Altagamma

Andrea Illy


During the last General Assembly, representatives from 76 Altagamma companies elected a new president, Andrea Illy, the successor of Claudio Luti, who served as president of Cosmit since October 2012. Paolo Zegna will work alongside Andrea Illy as Vice Chairman.

Andrea Illy was elected on the basis of a program that calls for significant changes in the organisation’s governance.

The Presidential Committee has expanded: Vice-Chairmen have been assigned with a broad mandate in terms of operational proposals within the sectors represented in Altagamma.

The more streamlined Board of Directors will be supported by a Strategic Council, assigned to meet four times a year to define the general guidelines of the foundation’s strategy.

The strategy for the next three years will focus on consolidating the institutional status of the Fondazione Altagamma, aimed at improving the competitiveness of the luxury market.

 An objective based on the fact that the luxury market drives exports and represents an added value for Italian manufacturing. By strengthening the high-end sector, the entire national production system will benefit.

 The Fondazione Altagamma commissioned the CRESV Institute of Bocconi University to conduct a detailed analysis on the luxury market’s contribution to GDP, employment, exports, investment and tax revenue. 

The hope is that this study will lead to the institution of a public and private partnership between the government and the Fondazione Altagamma.

The activities of the Fondazione Altagamma currently underway include:

-         Business Development (New Holding for high end industry and distribution, Institutional Relations, Networking, Research, Cross Selling and Cross Marketing)

-         Altagamma Business Culture  (Strategic Council, Altagamma Business Culture Program, Education, Craftsmanship)

-         Promotion (Relaunch of the city of Milan)


25/03/2013 Destination India: two appointments for Altagamma

Two big appointments in a week for Fondazione Altagamma in India: the India Design Forum 2013, the most important design-based event in India, connecting Indian and international designers and companies,  was held in Mumbai on march 15-16. Altagamma was partner of the initiative for the second year: Armando Branchini (FONDAZIONE ALTAGAMMA), Roberto Gavazzi (BOFFI) e Rodrigo Rodriquez (FLOS) participated to the Forum, telling the origins and the characteristics of the italian design business model and presented their success cases.

The same speakers participated to the workshop organized on March 16th by Altagamma, ICE and Italian Embassy, during which Italian and Indian entrepreneurs and designers discussed the theme “Technology behind Italian Design”. For Altagamma also Manuel Gomiero (VENINI) e Carlo Roncato (ARTEMIDE) stepped in.

From Design to Luxury: on March 22 and 23 the Hindustan Times MINT Luxury Conference 2013 took place in Delhi. Fondazione Altagamma is partner of this event since the first editions. It was an important occasion to further discuss the issues concerning the framework conditions that make difficult to high end companies to enter the Indian Market. With Mr. Branchini and Mr Gavazzi, also Alberto Piantoni (MISSONI) e Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo (SALVATORE FERRAGAMO) participated.

End of the exhibition Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence

la Mostra

The exhibition Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence  that took place at the Triennale Museum in Milan was over on January27th.

Visited by more than 10.000 people, it continues on www.altagammaexcellence.com, with extra features and content.

Next stage will be in Shanghai, May 2013.

17/10/2012 EU sets the path for upcoming measures to encourage the high-end sector to continue

What is ECCIA

At today’s Altagamma Observatory in Milan, the European Commission presented its new strategy to ensure the competitiveness of the European high-end industries.
In the strategy, the EU notes that “Given the economic significance of the luxury goods sector, it is important to ensure that adequate policies are in place at EU level that take into account the high-end business model and help the sector to continue to grow and create jobs.”
According to the Commission, “The luxury industry has proven resilient to the crisis: A recent study shows that the industry corresponds to 3 % of EU GDP with an annual turnover of above € 400 billion. Some 990 000 people are directly employed in this sector in Europe. By merging traditional craftsmanship and quality manufacturing with high-end technologies, design and innovation, the European high-end industry promotes European values, culture, art, creativity and know-how in the world – leveraging European soft power.”
These facts are highlighted in the recent Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on “promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU” and also in the EU Staff Working Document on “competiveness of the high-end industries”.
Speaking at the Observatory today, a Commission representative pointed out that European policy makers need to ensure the specificities of the high-end industries are taken into account when legislating in areas that impact the high-end business model – for example intellectual property, trade policy, selective distribution, craftsmanship, or legislation that may have an impact on the aura of luxury.
European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani also presented the strategy to all 27 European ministers at the Council meeting on 11October. In the meeting, VP Tajani explained to the Ministers why it is important to consider high-end as a strategic sector for growth and jobs.

15/10/2012 ALTAGAMMA MONITOR 2010 - Milan - Monday, October 15

High-end industry confirms the growth trend in 2012, and has an optimistic look on 2013.

The results of the 5 studies presented today during the conference Osservatorio Altagamma 2012 highlight a growth driven by leather goods, shoes, accessories, jewelry&watches, and by the Asian markets. Good results of tax-free shopping in the European Union.

Following all the press release of the all the studies.

17/09/2012 Retail is strategic for the growth of the high-end sector

On Sept. 17th, Fondazione Altagamma presented three studies on high-end retail and the online presence of the brands in the segment.
Retail integration is the winning formula for high-end brands, whose strategies increasingly focus on single-brand channels, including flagship stores, e-commerce, shop-in-shops, and outlets, in traditional markets and in new ones.
Size matters: The competitive advantage of the big players triggers virtuous circles in terms of visibility, awareness, growth of sales outlets, profitability, and bargaining power.
Brands are also becoming increasingly digitalised. Online sales exceeded six billion euros in 2011 (+28% compared to 2010, three times faster than for the sector as a whole).

05/06/2012 A growth model for European Economy: the ECCIA study on European Luxury Sector

At a time when discussions on how to promote growth lead the EU’s agenda, a study by Frontier Economics reveals the importance of the European luxury sector as a key driver for European jobs and competitiveness.
The study was commissioned by ECCIA, the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance, composed of the five major European luxury industry associations.

Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani announces a political action plan to further enhance the competitiveness of the sector.

07/05/2012 Growth confirmed in 2012 for luxury consumption

The Altagamma Monitor Update - May 2012 and the Altagamma Consensus were presented today in Milan.

The personal luxury goods market is expected to surpass 200 Billions euros in 2012.

China is the fastest growing market, accessories the best performing categories.

Here available the reports.

24/03/2012 OperaWine meets Altagamma “Italian Icons: From Fashion to Wine”

Prior to the premier opening of Vinitaly 2012 with OperaWine “Finest Italian Wines: 100 Great Producers” on March 24th 2012, the press conference OperaWine meets Altagamma Italian Icons: From Fashion to Wine” will bring together leaders of the bedrock industries of Italian culture. Italian Icons: From Fashion to Wine” will be held at 11:30 in the Palazzo della Ragione, Verona, Italy. Opinion leaders, journalists and international wine professionals are invited to participate in the brief conference before heading to the Grand Tasting to experience the great Italian winemakers that will pour their wines personally.

10/03/2012 Altagamma in New Delhi at the India Design Forum

Fondazione Altagamma is Supporting Partner of the India Desgin Forum (IDF), the country’s first and most influential international design platform.

IDF’s sensational Design Week, an instructive week of workshops, screenings and exhibitions around the city (March 2-8), will culminate in a Design Forum, two intense days of experts’ talks (March 9-10).

Armando Branchini, Executive Director of Fondazione Altagamma, will participate to a panel on Friday 9th, on the theme “good Design is Good Business”

More info on www.indiadesignforum.com

09/02/2012 Moderate growth for the high end segment in 2012 according to top international retailers.

Cautious optimism for North America and Europe, two-figure growth expected in Asia. Accessories – mainly bags and shoes – drive female consumption. For everyone the quality and appeal of Italian products is still guaranteed. Italian businesses advised to avoid downgrading and focus on marketing.

These are the main evidences from the forecasts of the top luxury retailers, presented at the Altagamma Conference held on February 7th in Milan.


25/01/2012 The President of the Italian Republic received Altagamma

Leonardo Ferragamo con Clemente Olivadoti, Federica Giorgi, Francesco Rodriquez

On January 25th,  at the Quirinal Palace the Altagamma Foundation presented the "Il successo nelle mani" (“Success on your hands”) project, an initiative which aims to promote and encourage manual work among young Italians.
With a film produced together with the Milan Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Altagamma sought to illustrate the advantages of manual work within the Altagamma companies, adopting a lively tone to attract the younger age groups.
The video was designed to be distributed to Italian secondary schools in order to get children interested in an original and potentially extremely satisfying career.
During the ceremony for ‘Italian Quality Day’, Honorary Chairman Leonardo Ferragamo illustrated the aims of the project to President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and Federica Giorgi, a young leather goods producer at Gucci, briefly outlined her experience, speaking on behalf of all those appearing in the film.

23/11/2011 The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance welcomes proposals by the European Commission supporting the European fashion industry for job creation in Europe.

The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance composed of the five major European luxury goods and creative industries organizations, Circulo Fortuny (Spain), Comité Colbert (France), Fondazione Altagamma (Italy) and Walpole British Luxury (UK) and Meisterkreis - Deutsches Forum für Luxus (Germany) supports the proposals announced by Vice President Tajani at the high level lunch on the Competitiveness of the Fashion sector, held on November 22nd.
At a high level roundtable discussion to which the following members of ECCIA have been invited: Chanel, Dior, Emilio Pucci, Harrods, Loewe, Moser, Max Mara and Thomas Pink; Vice President Tajani announced the opening of discussions for further collaboration on the 3 following proposals:
• The present group to become a high level advisory board on competitiveness
• The creation of a European data observatory for the luxury market
• The launch of a second study, following the current one on fashion, on the importance of the luxury sector to Europe and its links to tourism.

In order to set the right framework conditions for growth, ECCIA proposed the following issues for the Commission's attention:

• Support employment: encourage European artisanship and craftsmanship
• Support the European export industry: enable free trade and encourage tourism
• Increase consumer trust: encourage online growth and innovation of the Cultural and
Creative Industries (CCIs)
• Support the consumer: raise the standards so everyone can benefit from them

25/10/2011 Altagamma Market Focus - Brasil

On October 25th took place in Milan the second edition of the Altagamma Market Focus, dedicated to the Brazilian Market.


A booming economy, a fast growing middle class and a high number of millionaires makes Brazil the next Eldorado for Luxury Goods.

This emerged from the analysis of the participants to the conference: Carlos Jereissati ofIguatemi Group, Claudia D’Arpizio of Bain&Co, Paolo Anselmi of GFK-Eurisko, Enrico Cavallari of Technogym, Marco Piscitelli of Flos, Diego Stecchi of Salvatore Ferragamo, Armando Branchini of Fondazione Altagamma

17/10/2011 ALTAGAMMA MONITOR 2011

Positive trends confirmed for worldwide luxury markets in the traditional conference held in Milan on October 17th.

High end industry continues to grow beyond expectations: after confirming the recovery with a stunning 2010, the results for this year are even better, with a double digit growth that is unique in this difficult economic phase. And the forecasts for 2012 are positive as weel.

The 2011 edition of the ALTAGAMMA MONITOR was the most successful ever in terms of participants and media coverage.

The study realised by Fondazione Altagamma and Bain&Co on the world wide luxury consumptions has been extended to the new sectors: automotive, hospitality, wine and gourmet food, restaurants.

And a new study has been introduced in the already rich panel: the Digital Luxury Experience - Altagamma Index, that analyzes the online performance of luxury brand, with specific focus on social networks and forums

30/08/2011 Digital Luxury Experience - Press Conference

The Digital Luxury Experience - Altagamma-McKinsey Observatory, that analyzes  the online presence and performance of high-end international brands and of the behavior of their customers, will be presented on Wednesday, September 15th.

Armando Branchini for Fondazione Altagamma and Marco Mazzù for McKinsey&Company will present the results of the study in a simultaneous press conference that will be held both in Milan, Piazza Duomo 31, and in Paris, Avenue des Champs-Elysées 79.

23/03/2011 March 25th and 26th: Fondazione Altagamma is knowledge partner of the MINT Luxury Conference in Mumbai, India.

During the conference the top managers and leaders of global luxury industry will confronted with representatives from the Indian Governement in order to make the Indian Market more attractive for the high-end companies, trough the improvement of the essential terms for the development.


The Luxury Sector across the world has grown significantly in the last 2 decades, fuelled by increase in number of consumers with the discretionary spend and greater appreciation of the 'value' that Luxury products provide. Emerging markets have been a significant contributor to the growth with new consumers adopting Luxury in their lifestyles.


The Italian Delegation of the Altagamma Entrepreneurs will be composed by Armando Branchini, Executive Director of Fondazione Altagamma, Andrea Morante from Pomellato, Enrico Marinelli from Frette, Francesco Pesci from Brioni, Salvatore Basile from Ferretti Group, Maria Cristina Buccellati from Buccellati Holding Italia, Fabio Degli Esposti from Sanpellegrino, Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo from Salvatore Ferragamo, Matteo Alessi from Alessi and Giovanna Vitelli from Azimut Group.

29/11/2010 Workshop SDA Bocconi

Altagamma Companies can have a reduction on the participation fee:



The participation fee for one person will be 400 euros rather than 800 euros while the company fee for 3 participants of the same company will be 900 euros out 1600 euros.


Workshop subscription within 22nd November 2010.


The Workshop will take place at SDA Bocconi Headquarter, Via Bocconi, 8 in Milan


For further information: http://www.sdabocconi.it/it/attualisda/workshop_29_novembre_2010/ws_madein.htm

18/10/2010 ALTAGAMMA MONITOR 2010

The complete report of the conference is now available.


The "Altagamma Consumer Insight  - Luxury Consumer's behavior in China, Italy and United States" is now available on Altagamma website.

16/04/2010 Forecasts and strategies for 2010.

Fondazione Altagamma presented today in Milan the update of the Altagamma Consensus - the forecast analysis on trends in the sector, based on the opinions of the biggest international analysts, drafted by Fondazione Altagamma – and of the Altagamma World Wide Markets Monitor.

Both studies are available on the website, in Activities/Studies and Research section.

This was followed by a ceremony to welcome the new members of the Altagamma International Honorary Council, the body created in 2002 with the aim of consolidating relations with companies and cultural institutions which have contributed to promoting the culture of excellence and the highest values of Italian lifestyle in their countries, and who share the same development model as the Italian Altagamma companies, characterised by the excellence of projects, products, quality and customer services.